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"I just want to say what an absolute pleasure it has been working with Robert Martorana and REMO Litigating Financing. Robert was always attentive and carefully walked me thru the entire process from the day I hired him to even after the financing closed. Robert is always available and extremely informative, and helpful. Since I run my own business, I occasionally send emails out very late in the evening and Robert always got back to me almost immediately. Robert was also able to secure multiple funders and then went through each one by putting together a spreadsheet to illustrate the benefits and pitfalls of each offer. In essence, he really went above and beyond what I expected. Being a trial lawyer, I demand a lot and Robert was able to do in a few weeks what no other litigation funder or broker had been able to do for me in over 10 months of actively searching for litigating funding. I highly recommend anyone seeking litigation funding go to Robert as your first and only stop for litigating funding!"

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What navigating the rough waters of Litigation Finance on your own looks like...



Applying for litigation finance is a frustrating process. These Financing companies reject over 95% of all opportunities presented to them. Yes! you read that right.


Weeks Time

An attorney can spend weeks to months working through a funder’s underwriting process only to be rejected.



They then must start from the beginning with another funder and go through the entire process over and over until they find a finance company to say yes.

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Litigation Funding

Remo Litigation Funding and Financing is a specialized finance solution for law firms and lawyers. It provides access to the capital needed to cover legal proceedings, such as court costs, expert witness fees, attorney fees, and other expenses associated with litigation.

Remo offers various litigation funding solutions tailored to suit any budget or timeline. They work with claimants, law firms, or companies that are involved in legal proceedings and offer competitive rates for their services. In addition to providing access to capital, Remo also provides strategic advice on how best to structure a case or negotiate settlements.

The team at Remo has decades of experience in the field of litigation finance and can help ensure that clients get the best possible outcome from their cases. With access to resources such as settlement funding companies or alternative litigation financing solutions, they can provide valuable insights into maximizing returns while minimizing risk.

The process to obtain litigation finance has a reputation for being time consuming, complicated and opaque. We are here to change that, making litigation finance more accessible to all attorneys who seek to grow their practices and provide the best advocacy for their clients.

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Robert D. Martorana, Esq.

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Litigation Financing FAQ

Answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

How Does Litigation Financing & Funding Work?

Litigation funding and financing for law firms and lawyers are becoming increasingly popular as a way to cover the costs associated with legal proceedings. Litigation funding is a form of finance that provides capital to claimants, law firms, or companies who are involved in legal proceedings.

It is typically provided by investors who are willing to take on the risk of providing capital in exchange for a portion of any future proceeds from the case.

What is Covered by Litigation Financing?

The funds can be used to pay for court costs, expert witness fees, attorney fees, and other expenses associated with litigation.